In our method of recruiting, we take on the recruiting function for your team and become an extension of your brand. In a few days, our team will be conducting outreach to 100’s of people on behalf of your company. In many cases, this will be their first experience with your brand and our team takes that very seriously. In order to do that effectively, we need to do our best to walk, talk and act like one of your team. More importantly, we need to know how someone on your team acts, talks and walks. This is why phase 1 is elemental to a successful phase 2 and 3.
Phase 1 | Presearch Planning
  • Role review
  • Job Descriptions
  • Skills v. Profile hiring
  • Developing a fit profile/Who is your A Player?-
  • what is the combination of KSAs and soft
  • skills that will make this a great cultural and technical hire.
  • What questions you would like to
  • for us to have asked – Wheel of Fit
  • What are you picky about let get granular on this
  • Assessing Communication Style
  • Employment Value Proposition – 3,000,000 people want to
  • work for Google (
  • It’s a combination of products, culture, training, and perks.
  • Let’s talk about how to create your demand.
  • We need to be armed to create demand based on your EVP.
  • What is your why?
  • Where does grit warmth, humility fall into the equation?
  • How do you foster culture with remote workers?
  • Interview Process and Experience Management –
  • what are the steps, average elapsed time,
  • feedback forms and timing, debrief calls
  • Have your interviewers been trained on how to interview?
  • Goals, types of questions,
  • legal and diversity considerations. Their role in the proces:
  • tech, fit, HR
  • Media review – website, LinkedIn, Glassdoor
  • Timing of hire
  • Budget – salary, bonus, equity, PTO, Travel

Phase 2 | Hunting

  • Identify total market
  • Assess approachable market
  • Outreach with copy created from Phase 1
  • Phone, email, social media
  • Phone screen
  • In-person or video interview
  • Presentation of candidate(s) of choice
  • Recruiting Coordination
  • Experience Management

Phase 3 | Select, Offer,
Negotiate, Start

  • Approval process for extending offer
  • Preference for who extends
  • Negotiation starts on the first call when
  • we understand where they’re coming from,
  • where they’re going. We also understand their
  • why and will have data to build a case for you
  • Background/reference checks
  • What does onboarding look like